Saturday, June 25, 2016

Falling in Love

Sangeeta was heartbroken.  She peered into the coffee mug as if the dregs in it contained the perfect metaphor for her life.

"What happened, honey?" asked Rakesh.  "You've suddenly gone moody."

They were on their first date.  Sitting in the ethereal air of Cafe Coffee Day, they admired each other before the mutual assessment took off as naturally as the dessert followed the meal.  Facebook had brought them together and Whatsapp had sealed the bond firmly.

"Blue is NOT your favourite colour!" She asked as if her world had broken apart.

"No. Not at all. But what does that matter?"

"I thought blue was your favourite colour. I always wanted to marry a man whose favourite colour was blue."

"Oh, honey, but who told you blue was my favourite colour?"

"Your first profile pic on fb had a blue tee."

"Oh, yeah?"

"I always thought blue was your favourite colour."

"What does the colour matter, darling, in a universe that's always expanding into nothing that's something?"

He had borrowed that from Einstein. When Elsa, his wife, complained about the dress he was wearing for a party, the genius had made that response.

Unlike Elsa who was put off further by the philosophy of the scientist, Sangeeta found her spirits returning.

"I like what you said just now. It sounds coooool."

And with all the senses, she fell in love once again.


PS. Written for Indispire edition 123: With all your senses, "Fall in Love - One more time". #FallingInLove

Thursday, June 23, 2016


"God!" I exclaimed just as he appeared before me as if from nowhere.  I didn't know who he was.  His demeanour carried such grace and aura that the exclamation was my spontaneous response.

"Do I look like a fraud?" He asked.

I didn't say fraud, I clarified. I said God.

I know, he smiled.  God, fraud... He played with the words for a while.

You look like a god, I said.

I don't want to.  He looked slightly helpless.  People will demand miracles. Nothing more.  The priests, godmen and the like will eliminate the real god and then recreate him in their own image.  With the waxen images shaped by them, they will conquer little kingdoms.  Kingdoms with fences around. Then they will teach their followers to shoot and kill those behind other fences, clutching at slightly different waxen images.  Worst of all, they will distort all that I shall ever utter.

I felt pity for him.  Can I help you?  I asked.

Deliver me from myself.  He said that looking into the infinite silence of the heavens.

Ah! I groaned.  I was searching for a god who could deliver me from myself.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Probe the godmen

The income tax department has discovered black money amounting to Rs 2300 crore in godman Asaram Bapu's  palaces.  The godman's followers have a lot of shady deals carried out in the name of religion and charity.

The government should investigate all the religious trusts and organisations.  Most of them, if not all, will be found to be serious financial offenders.

On the other hand, the people of India should ask themselves how long they will allow themselves to be defrauded by such satanic godmen and ammas. One simple truth is that there are thousands of people who are accomplices of the sanctimonious frauds merely because religion has become the easiest way to make illegal wealth in India.  It is very easy to get away with it too.

If the Modi government is serious about bringing achche din to the country, it should start with cleaning up the most pernicious places: the religious trusts.

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